office 365 teamsite “site permission” can be a pain in the…-part-2

Note to Dutch readers
Normaal gesproken is deze blog in het Nederlands. Omdat Office 365 een internationaal product is, heb ik deze post in het Engels gemaakt.

Part 2.

I describe in Part 2, how to create a new teamsite in a different way and set permissions, and it goes as expected.

Step 1 – Create a new teamsite
Click on the image to get a better and bigger one

Do as in Part 1. (Click on “Site Actions” and then on “New Site”). Instead of instantly typing in a name for the teamsite, click at the top on “Browse All”
Choose the type of website you wish. I did choose “Collaboration” and then “Team Site”. Of course you can type in the name of the site on the rightside, but I did choose to click on “More Options”.
Be sure to choose “Use unique permissions”. Check if the site name is still filled in, and make up your mind, if you want to have the site in a navigation, and where.

Step 2 – Check and create permissons

Overhere you see who is the owner, and which member is standard used. Click on “OK”
If you want to add more users, Click on “Site Actions” and then “Site Settings”

Note that the site is allready set to: “this web site has unique permissions”
Type the name of the user. Check what permissions. I did choose the permissions of “Owner”.
View all users including there permissions. Check that this looks allreay different then in part1, or above

Step 3 – Checking permissons on other teamsites

Check te permission on the toplevel teamsite. you will see, that the newly added user is not an owner overhere.
Checking the owners on the “Privee site”. Note that the user has no permissions here as well.

Step 4 – Conclusion
I can conclude that it makes a difference, how you create your teamsite.

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