Office 365 teamsite Site Permission can be a pain in the… part 1

Note to Dutch readers
Normaal gesproken is deze blog in het Nederlands. Omdat Office 365 een internationaal product is, heb ik deze post in het Engels gemaakt.

I describe in Part 1, how to create a new teamsite and set permissions, and it goes wrong all over the place.

Office 365 on a testbench
I am testing Office 365 for a month now.
And I am on Plan P1. As a small firm, you do not want to pay the mainprice, eventhough the mainprice means, that you get a lot of extra stuff delivered. But about that, another time.

Plan P1
I had added my account to it, as well as 2 other testing accounts.
I tried to create a second teamsite, with a different name and add one or both test users to it.
To my surpise did I see that the users I had attached to the new teamsites also appeared on the root level teamsite.
Because I am working with Office Sharepoint 2007 I know better.
Eventhough I tried to make the new teamsite not inheriting the rights from the higherleverl, it appeared that a new user on the lowerlevel was also added to the rootwebsite as well as a parallel teamsite.

I have been looking through the forums of Office 365, and I saw that more people where struggling with it.
Other people told the struggling group how it could be fixed, but they wrote back that the issue still existed.
So it is possible to create teamsites with different permissions. But that did not work for everybody. And I was on the wrong site of the road as well. Untill… I decided to take the D-Tour.
Below you will find several screenshots of what I had done, including an explanation. See for you selves if it works.

Step 1 – checking users and permissions
Click on the image to get a better and bigger one

Overhere you see 3 userid's that have been added the Office 365 Admin part

Step2 – checking root teamsite
and start to create sub teamsite

Screenshot from the Root teamsite
Overhere I click on Siteactions and then New Site in order to create a new teamsite
Take the webtype of your choice. I must say this is very tidy done. I did choose the full teamsite. Filled in the Title and the Teamsite name "Johns place"
Teansite Johns Place has been created

Step3 – Creating permissions for the new teamsite

In order to add permissions, click on "Site Actions", and then on "Site Settings"
Under "Site Settings" choose "Site Permissions"
Look at the yellow bar. It states that the site inherits the permissions from the toplevel teamsite. Click on "Stop Inheriting Permissions" in order to give the site "Unique permissions"
Now you see that the teamsite has "Unique permissions". Now click on owner to add a new owner to the site.
You see only the Company Admin. Click on New, in order to create a new owner.
Click on add users
Type in the name of the user and Click on the Person icon, to check the name. Then click on OK
The new owner has arrived. But be surprised, you landed on the Toplevel teamsite.

Step4 – conclusion after creating
I am surprised that the new user, that I had added on a new teamsite was also added to the toplevel site. Even stronger, this userid exists everywhere. Even in my private site.

Step5 – Deleing
As this way did not work, I deleted the website

Step6 – Deleing
As this way did not work, I deleted the website

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